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This full moon calls us to find the courage to release anything that we're not totally passionate about or anything that feels inauthentic or makes us doubt who we are. By the 27th, the New Moon in Scorpio paves the way for us to better trust our instincts, seek out the healing we need, and find our inner strength, as well as deepen and establish healthier emotional connections with others.

Though with communicative Mercury which is in Scorpio beginning on October 3 scheduled to go retrograde on the 31st, this month isn't necessarily the month for initiating anything new but for removing all of the obstacles that can prevent us from successfully doing so. This month, your relationships are where you'll be expending most of your energy whether it's teaming up with those that fuel you or being pushed to address any problems or simmering tension with others.

In some cases you may need to release connections that lack intimacy, depth, or reciprocity. Financially, it's time to get your books in order. Expect your schedule to be packed this month, which is why you need to be proactive about taking care of your health and well-being. Since partnership is highlighted for you now, don't discount the help or support of others, even if you have to ask for it.

A beautiful relationship could blossom. Though your value isn't contingent on how much you do. You're called to find more of a balance this month between your work life and responsibilities and your need for fun.

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In what ways can you bring more beauty to your everyday life while still performing acts of self-care that involve handling things you may want to avoid? Still, joy is a form of self-care.

Meanwhile, an unhealthy friendship may need to be released. Love and adventure are on the focus this month as you're encouraged to get out and play.

Yearly Love Horoscope: 12222 Love Guide for Capricorn

If single, you could meet someone new, while coupled Cancers will be inspired to rekindle the spark. In terms of your creativity, now's also a good time to engage your passions. Career-wise, you could hit a milestone. With family or roommates, boundaries are needed.

Capricorn Monthly Love Horoscope October, 12222

That same day, Mercury communication enters smoldering Scorpio — which also happens to be Pluto's sign of rulership — followed by Venus relationships and values on Oct. There's a lot of Scorpionic energy in the air this month, so try to make the most of its undeniable intensity.

There will also be a full moon in hot-headed Aries on Oct. Harmoniously aligned with lucky Jupiter, in the midst of audaciously challenging ride-or-die Pluto, this Mars-ruled lunation could very well feel like a celestial purification — if you're willing to do the work, of course.

October 12222 Horoscopes: What the Stars Have in Store for Your Love Life and Career

The sun enters shadowy Scorpio on Oct. Last, but certainly not least, Mercury will station retrograde in taboo-loving Scorpio on the morning of All Hallow's Eve, and I'm fairly confident it will consist of a lot more tricks than treats. Yes, there's a lot happening this month, so expect the unexpected in your October horoscope. There's a lot coming up to the surface this month, Aries. Aside from receiving a number of intuitive downloads, you will also gain deep insight in regard to your most intimate unions. Follow your instincts and listen to your body. Your personal identity, both individually and within your relationships, could be challenged by your desire to take control.

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Beware of petty power trips and overly dominant behavior. Instead of dwelling, look toward the future and keep your eyes on the prize. You're almost there. Who are you when no one's around, Taurus? It's one thing to keep a secret and another to be a completely different person behind closed doors.

You're entitled to your privacy, but have you reflected on the parts of yourself you keep trying to deny? With so much emphasis on your one-on-one partnerships this month, it's important you remain honest with yourself and the people in your life. Your personal philosophies are undergoing a powerful rebirth, so don't be afraid to express your POV.

October Horoscopes: What the Stars Have in Store for Your Love Life and Career |

The dynamic within your relationships is a reflection of your personal boundaries. Be honest, Gemini. Are you afraid of stealing the spotlight? Does the thought of sharing your gifts with the rest of the world terrify you? Your ego is in the process of renewal, so don't bother dwelling or going down memory lane. Instead, set yourself free and surrender to the possibilities. It's time to get situated.

This is your story, and you know something incredible is waiting for you on the other side of the horizon. With that being said, make sure to get your ducks in a row because the stars are aligning in your favor. Create the life you've always wanted, but never thought you deserved. Nurture your dreams, but be mindful of your well-being. You're submitting to your passions more than ever these days, Cancer. It's about time, too, isn't it?

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  8. However, despite your innate workaholism and selfless ways, you'll also be incredibly focused on your long-term goals this month. Although, this energy could very well express itself via your home sector, which means there could be some emotional friction between your parents or authority figures in general. With that being said, this is a good time to partake in activities that help you tap into your inner child.

    The one that always comes through for others. You might even fall back together in a few years, after a hiatus. This is a year when you turn your life around and when you can also grab life by the scruff of the neck and do the impulsive and spontaneous stuff that normally remains in the confines of your head and because madcap Uranus is back in your sister sign of Taurus as of March. The planet Jupiter inflates expectations and, well, everything else too really, so wish and hint big for presents this year and you might just get them, or a big reward of a different kind, not so much in the material sense.

    For a more personalised 12month forecast, based on your date of birth, get Your Personal Year Ahead Predictor here! Love Horoscope promises to all you, dear Capricorns, that this is the year when you kind of see the romance in everything. Well mostly everything.